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http://minwax.tv/PetDamage DIY expert Bruce Johnson shows you some simple tips and techniques to fix wood furniture that has been damaged by pets. Fixing scratched, chewed up, and clawed wood is easy with Minwax products.

For cat scratches, Minwax Stain Markers can be a simple fix without having to open a full can of stain. Simply pick the marker with a matching stain color and apply to the scratch. Then wipe off any excess stain with a paper towel or rag.

If your dog has chewed up your furniture, you'll be left with some pretty big indentations in your wood. Fill the holes with Minwax Wood Putty, which comes pre-colored to match your stain, and then wipe of the excess putty.

For deep gouges, use Minwax Stainable Wood Filler. Fill in the gouge, let it dry, and then sand it down until it's flush with the rest of the wood. Unlike other wood fillers, it does accept stain, so you can apply a matching stain and a coat of polyurethane so your repair will match the rest of the furniture.

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